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Gerstner Field Chest

Constructed from American cherry with hand-fitted joinery, brass hardware, and 6-oz. leather, this chest is a paragon of skilled craftsmanship. With 12 uniquely sized drawers, it offers a tailored space for every implement, from precision hand tools to fly-tying supplies. A book cubby and storage inside the doors hold essential reference manuals of the trade or cherished first editions. Knurled brass knobs adorn the lower drawers and the upper drawers have library pulls with card slots, for the simple pleasure of orderly identification. The centerpiece clock is custom-made in Germany to Best Made specifications and the paneling behind swings open to reveal a secret compartment. 27.25"h x 26"w x 12"d

Date added: 29 April, 2018
Posted in : Metallation. Woodacious.

Gerstner Field Chest