Entries in the Month : March, 2008


Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

Content In the past, whenever I had to handwrite anything (yes, there was a time before the keyboard existed!), I was perfectly happy with a cheap but functional Bic Biro. In fact, I used to like drawing with one, as you could vary the weight with the pressure you applied as you drew.

However, more recently I started to ponder upon those (rare) moments when I had to actually write instead of type. I wanted to *cherish* those moments a bit more.

Its as if typing is now the common form of written communication, but handwriting is something that elevates its author to a distinguished, classy level of communicator who brings along his/her personal touch. (!)


Monday, 24 March, 2008

Content I've read that gadgets and the internet have been reported to be addictive, as well as the cause of all kinds of stress ("Still waiting for that all important email, that should have arrived by now?") Well, I've experienced something far worse. It happens way before the addiction has a chance to kick in.

I've recently bought the new Macbook Pro laptop and Apple's Time Capsule. I had planned on these purchases as a complete and overdue upgrade to my existing hardware set-up and back-up system.

I only do something like this every four years or so. I'm not a gadget freak out with my credit card every time Apple farts out a new product or upgrade, so I do consider myself a "normal" consumer when it comes to technology, bar the odd gush of appreciation for sleek, aluminium-cased designs.




Saturday, 22 March, 2008

Content My two websites and are both 15 months and 7 months old respectively, and are the first two personally-run sites that I've created specifically for East-Asian culture.

Their ages aren't significant milestones, but I thought it would be useful to just reflect on a few things that I've come to realise through running these sites over these periods.

As a pair, keeping them updated has been comfortably possible, enjoyable even. I also try and keep this site ( and up-to-date as well, but the main thing is that when I want to focus on East-Asian culture I can do it in two ways, through OneInchPunch and VisibleChinese.