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Saturday, 21 June, 2008

Content Prepared meals for one that you buy at supermarkets are getting smaller. Pretty obvious I think, to people who regularly eat these meals and who keep an eye on value for money. They'd notice the shrinking portions irrespective of manufacturers' declarations of new sizes bringing new dish designs, new recipes or even more cynically, a new, healthier portion (yeah, less of the additives right?).

I thought of this shrinking portions issue when I read a recent article by Martin Samuel in The Times newspaper (9th May) where he cites the removal of beef from economy BA flights, as being a cost saving measure.

British Airways play the "controversy" down as protecting the consumer's health by only offering the healthier options of chicken and fish, strangely enough, whilst beef is still available in business class. No need to worry about them, Martin observes.




Tuesday, 17 June, 2008

Content During our trip to the US, we visited the Griffith Observatory in LA, which (understandably) stands on top of a hill. There are some good views there and you can see the Hollywood sign in the distance, particularly as it was a typical hot, clear day.

Of course, we enjoyed the weather but every now and again, I curse the UK for having typically cold, damp and wet weather in contrast. When it does get hot, the whole country isn't prepared for it.

Griffith Observatory

Just as we were leaving the observatory, a small fire started to break out in the valley just underneath. Unsurprisingly, the hot, dry weather didn't do anything to curb this event, and the flame visibly grew in the 5 minutes I hung around before having to get in our van to leave.




Sunday, 08 June, 2008

Content So today was the first time that I've been to a Dragon Boat racing event, which sounds like a regular fixture in the UK's Chinese cultural calendar. It was a pretty hot day, more so because I was manning a stall and handing out leaflets for the BC Project which I'm a part of.

Dragon Boat 1

I had a feeling that the "essence" of the event may have been felt more if I was actually boating, judging by the collapsed, post-race (first time?) rowers nursing their aching arms and shoulders. But water isn't my thing. Maybe next time. I have to admit, there's something catchy about the Hawaii-Five-O theme tune blasting out the start of a race.


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Saturday, 07 June, 2008

Content I've just come back from the opening reception of the Creative Hong Kong in London exhibition. Its hosted by the Design Museum as part of the "Lates" festival of after-hours art and culture in London and was attended by some of the featured designers from Hong Kong including multi award-winning artist/designer Freeman Lau.

Creative Hong Kong 1

If you get a chance to drop by, its well worth a visit to dip into what's going on across the different fields of design in Hong Kong. You have to be quick as its only on until the 12th June unfortunately. Otherwise, click the link at the end to see a photoset of the show.