Entries in the Month : August, 2008


Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

Content The BC Project is a voluntarily run organisation that seeks to elevate the presence of the UK Chinese community in the British political arena. Its a group that I've been a part of since early 2007, and the website, which I was responsible for, has finally launched!

BC Project

Its at

Its quite a straight forward design relying on clean cut areas of information - there's no need for anything too fancy here, as the idea of conveying politics shouldn't be confused with trendy styling!


Sunday, 24 August, 2008

Content I was with The British Chinese Project at the Happy Family Gala, organised by The Chinese Channel - TVBS-Europe, at Brent Cross today, to help publicise the organisation and its aims. Usually, we give out leaflets and run prize draws to get the attention of passerby's.

TVB Gala

We do this voluntarily, and dammit, are doing it for the good of these passerbys! Anyone who has manned a stall like this will know that you really need to encourage people to listen and take a leaflet, especially as we also had a survey to carry out.


Sunday, 17 August, 2008

Content I'm interested in self-development and like stumbling upon all kinds of methods and manifestos, if anything to see if there is anything of interest and relevance to my life. The following "How to Work Better" is a short ten-point manifesto by Fischli/Weiss (1991).

How to work better

Its easily digestible though not comprehensive, and I by no means follow it fanatically. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and I shouldn't too. I should at least practise the last point more.


Self Development.


Friday, 08 August, 2008

Content So the Beijing Olympics 2008 opened today with a spectacular ceremony on the most auspicious of dates (and times). The event was impressive to say the least, particularly with the co-ordinated groups of energetic dancers, drummers and martial artists.

I'm looking forward to the variety of quality sporting action since the Olympics bring together the most elite sporting personalities in the world.

Beijing Olympics

However, with all the action and polished performances given by the Chinese, its easy to play down all the controversy that comes with China's socio and political history and global emergence, regardless of the sometimes frequent reports given by the free speech west.


Sunday, 03 August, 2008

Content Seems like I'm hooked on setting up new blogs for myself nowadays. None of them have yet to close down, although that might all change once I start having to go out to work at an office!


The new one is called Filoflow and is at It joins my current repertoire consisting of,, and (although this isn't really a blog) and this one you're reading at