Entries in the Month : November, 2008


Friday, 14 November, 2008

Content Yesterday, I attended the "VIP" launch of the INQ1 - touted to be the most advanced social networking phone in the world. The thing is, I didn't know this until I got there.

Like the 7th Syndikate scenario, I was contacted via this website as apparently, my blog "covers a lot of relevant themes - examining social media, design, urban living etc."


I'm not totally sure about that - I cover what I like really(!), but I can't complain when there is free food and drink and potentially something exciting on offer.


Sunday, 09 November, 2008

Content Princi in Wardour Street is my newly discovered Italian stop off for some informal snacking. I popped in over the weekend to sample some cheesecake, but the place seems to be also good for pasta and meat dishes as well as the odd freshly baked foccaccia. The atmosphere and concept seems very easy going, where you can select from a wide range of bread, cakes and meals (which might all be takeaway too) and after paying for it, simply take it to a nearby space on one of their long rows of tables or along the wall, seated next to a constant bank of running water.



Living in London.


Friday, 07 November, 2008

Content I took a quick detour over the weekend to the independent Handmade and Bound event at Euston, which is the Affordable Book & Zine Fair. Held at the St Aloysius Social Club, the collection of cloth-covered tables and varied display of handmade notebooks, comics and artworks gave it quite a homely, indie feel. It probably helped that the space was packed out and sweaty in contrast to the outside wet, cold and gloomy location just off Eversholt Road.


It's been awhile since I came to an event like this, with probably the last time being way over two decades ago at some comic convention when I was still getting pocket money. Some of the stuff I saw was really nice, but unfortunately, alot of it didn't appeal to me or make me want to buy.


Events. Living in London.


Thursday, 06 November, 2008

Content When I found out about the UK service that sends you food to "graze" on, I was a little intrigued, especially since it only costs £2.29 to just give it a try once. I spend too many of my days consuming around 2 large meals a day rather than breaking my eating habits into more frequent bursts.

Graze 2

Since I'm working from home at the moment, its also a nice idea to have something good to snack on sent directly to me, particularly as Graze touts natural and healthy boxes of food which are officially recognised by the Department of Health as supporting the five-a-day scheme, supplying portions depending on which size of box you go for.

A well designed and informative website answered any doubts that I had - apart from explaining what the actual experience of receiving a delivery was like.


Living in London.


Saturday, 01 November, 2008

Content Yellow Earth Theatre is a London based British East Asian touring theatre company, revenue funded by Arts Council England. It was established in 1995 by five British East Asian performers, with a view to raising the profile and standing of British East Asian theatre.

Yellow Earth crop

I've just completed work on and launched their second and latest website. Well, as completed as websites will be nowadays since they are best kept continually updated, nurtured and occasionally pruned!

The new site is at :

I first came across Yellow Earth more than 10 years ago when researching the British Chinese culture for my Graphic Design degree.