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Tuesday, 12 January, 2010

Content The Hipstamatic was an inexpensive plastic camera produced in 1982-4 in Wisconsin, USA. There were only ever 157 of its 100 model produced, so I'm unsure how it has garnered the devotion and attention of a pair of iPhone app developers. However, it has spawned off the Hipstamatic app, and unleashed a new generation of Hipstamaniacs, me included, judging by the fantastic feedback and results it has given.

Hipsta 1

After taking over 20,000 digital photos with my Nikon in the last 12 months, I'd like to forgive myself for feeling a little photo-ed out and I was recently considering going back to basics with analogue photography.


Thursday, 07 January, 2010

Content I can't say I'm sorry to be half-way across the world from the UK during the current freeze its experiencing. But I was genuinely surprised to see it completely blanketed with snow, as observed by NASA's earth observing satellite. With a history of spirit-sapping cold damp (the crap weather would be a major reason for me to leave the country), it's a rare moment for the British island with this satellite image below making the viral rounds currently on the net.

UK Snow Island

NASA image source


Tuesday, 05 January, 2010

Content Writing my travel blog, I made a decision to date the posts according to when the experiences described happened, which is preferable for the long term. The problem is that posts won't go up until several months after these actual dates, making it look like the blog isn't being up dated. More importantly, it can also hold up more timely posts.

Tim Ho Wan

For this reason, I wanted to publicise our recent visit to an excellent dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, which will pop up on in a few weeks time. The impetus for posting is that it seemed we were the last to know about this place and I certainly don't want to be the last to post about it.


Living in Hong Kong.


Friday, 01 January, 2010

Content I love East Asia. Words really can't express how lucky I feel to be spending more than a year in this corner of the world and experiencing what it has to offer. In the context of travel, I do often think about other continents but I've come to appreciate the differences and contrasts within Eastern cultures, and how it shapes my own views of the world.

Cambodia 1

Coming from the UK, one defining factor with travel in the East, is cost. Though I bemoan the rise of the Hong Kong dollar against the pound in 2009, most things are still cheaper. Since visiting Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia, we steadily watched the cost of meals we eat, drop. In contrast, our visit to Tokyo was our most expensive and I can testify to the higher cost of living there.


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