Entries in the Month : March, 2010


Thursday, 25 March, 2010

Content The plan was to leave the UK in February 2009 and move over to East Asia to visit upwards of ten countries in the region. To date, things have gone to plan, touch wood, and only the motherland, China, is left on the list. It would be ignorant to leave plans as broad as that and so we'd obviously made our travel lists covering the macro to the micro.

Key Chains

On the fun side of things, aside from keeping travel journals, I also wanted to find some kind of souvenir from each country. I hadn't really considered what until we had already past Vietnam in March 2009 and were in Japan two months later. It was with the purchase of a small, waxed red cotton owl, I had decided to collect key chains.


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Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

Content So exclaimed the immortal Governator in the first Predator movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger - larger than life and undeniably a solid pillar of success resulting from such optimism - simultaneously overcame obstacles on and off-screen, from a barely comprehensive Austrian accent in an American acting industry to seven foot tall alien warriors.

He's also a movie icon, such that many think roles such as Dutch in the original 1987 Predator film are unsurpassable in a follow up. As the original "Terminator", his cameo in the latest Terminator Salvation flick even brought cries of glee from universal fans. And so it is that following a sequel (which just wasn't the same) and two cross-over films with the acid-for-blood xenomorph Aliens, comes the forthcoming Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez.