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Friday, 26 November, 2010

Content Whilst I'm open to both sides of the story regards the recent demonstrations over tuition fees, I'm sure I'm part of the majority who are slowly turning our thoughts against our barely elected coalition government and in particular, the actions our UK police force are reportedly taking.

Policing Freedom

I've just read about the kettling in of student demonstrators a couple of days ago, some of whom are just school age and frankly, I'm disgusted that this strategy was used at all. The police knew what they were doing. Is the point to turn people off in the future? Because the only thing it will do is shift the attention from the streets to elsewhere. Perhaps that's why the police are seeking the power to shut down websites in the UK's domain.

Sure, the UK's suffixes aren't the only domains accessible in the UK, but even if one step at a time leads to policing of the whole world wide web, they'll always be a way for those governed to "govern".