Entries in the Month : February, 2011


Saturday, 26 February, 2011

Content Whilst selling photography to magazines is an everyday transaction for some people, for me it's not. So it is with an amateur's glee that I announce the publishing of one of my shots from Taiwan in the latest issue of Monocle, one of the only mags I actually still buy. I wish I could write a post on how to do it, but in fact, the Monocle photography assistant simply got in touch after seeing the photo in my Flickr account. A modest sum was arranged and I was a happy holiday snapper!

Taiwan Photo in Monocle

Even if the shot is actually so small that I missed it the first time I flicked through the Monocle Taiwan special. And that they spelt my name wrong. Unless you happen to be writing the pinyin from the Mandarin pronunciation of it (Hu). Publishing evidence below.


Made By Mark. Photography.


Sunday, 13 February, 2011

Content Ever since the digital media industry has carved out roles such as visual designer or developer, if you've ever worked AS one of them, I'm betting my virtual soul that you've worked WITH the other.

Take this scenario. The designer comes up with a snazzy new interface that uses multiple colours, one for each section of a website. The designer's boss approves and even adds to the idea. He gets the sign-off and talks to the developer to make it happen.

The developer double-checks. "You want each section to have its own colour?" Yep.

The trouble is, the developer has to build this interface inside of an existing content management system that already allocates a generic colour and isn't built for such customisation. The developer rolls his eyes and declares that it's not worth their time to figure out a way to do this, just to have some "pretty colours".