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Saturday, 30 November, 2013

Content A folded, circular piece of leather used to hold together a wrapped up iPhone / mobile device cable is one of those simple ideas that draws attention-to-detail seeking Apple fans, who also like the old world feel of leather.

Cord Tacos

I don't think I'm fanatical, but I wanted and bought a mixed colour and mixed sized set from the maker Mike of 'This is Ground', just so I could keep my cables separated, but together, in my bag.




Monday, 18 November, 2013

Content Bought a Twelve South MagicWand and finding your Trackpad clicks harder?

Having recently decorated my home office space, I bought a wireless Apple keyboard and a Magic Trackpad to minimise the wires on my new desk. I'm as guilty as any designer in wanting my workspace to look good and work well.

Twelve South MagicWand

However, I looked into a way to fix both input devices together as I felt it would also help orientate the direction input on the trackpad, rather than have it annoyingly rotate around my desk as it did.

I sought out the MagicWand from Apple accessorisers Twelve South, who through its claim of delivering the keyboard you dreamed of, package up an expensive polycarbonate rod, a piece of rubber and a stick of metal.

I actually read that this accessory makes Trackpad clicking a little harder on the side that's closest to the keyboard. I just dismissed this as being a surpassable inconvenience, in my quest for visual perfection.


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