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Content Just before Christmas, I finished the new version of the Chinatown Arts Space (CAS) website. It's actually the first major project I've completed since returning back to the UK in May from my travels in East Asia.

Chinatown Arts Space website

It's by far the most ambitious Expression Engine project that I've developed and quite rewarding because of it. I've been able to really explore and work through a number of challenges in making some areas of the site work, namely the membership profile side and the ability for dynamic content such as the news items, to be loaded up to the front end, edited and saved back to the database.

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Content Over the last couple of days, when I've actually torn myself away from the screen, I pondered the change of the celebration of Christmas for non-religious folk. Every year, Christmas has often become the time to catch up with family and friends. Yet also every year, I've watched the number of physical Christmas cards arriving on my doorstep dwindle down to a single figure this year.


I'm ready to accept that I'm just unpopular, but the switch of communications from analogue to digital in all forms of community celebrations has been pretty tangible over the years. Whilst I yearn for the personal touch the analogue approach allows, I'm also enthused about the freedom that digital communications allows.

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Content Whilst I'm open to both sides of the story regards the recent demonstrations over tuition fees, I'm sure I'm part of the majority who are slowly turning our thoughts against our barely elected coalition government and in particular, the actions our UK police force are reportedly taking.

Policing Freedom

I've just read about the kettling in of student demonstrators a couple of days ago, some of whom are just school age and frankly, I'm disgusted that this strategy was used at all. The police knew what they were doing. Is the point to turn people off in the future? Because the only thing it will do is shift the attention from the streets to elsewhere. Perhaps that's why the police are seeking the power to shut down websites in the UK's domain.

Sure, the UK's suffixes aren't the only domains accessible in the UK, but even if one step at a time leads to policing of the whole world wide web, they'll always be a way for those governed to "govern".

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Content Although social media commentary has saturated our technology news feeds, the BBC's Tim Weber wrote an excellent article analysing the various efforts of companies who adopt this strategy.

As a consumer, it is with some satisfaction that I read about the power and the influence that consumers "who tweet" now have over companies that could once ignore their unhappy customers, previously isolated from the world and in no danger of causing PR damage with their complaints.

The shift in power and the reported mismatch of timely reconciliation in the fast moving world of social media brings most misery to corporates who lack the agility clearly absent from their old world cultures. As individuals, we sometimes read with glee, how mammoths are brought to their knees, buckling under their slowly crumbling reputations that are subsequently picked on by that little blue bird. All power to the people - we're only asked to be treated right.

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Content Just over two weeks ago, I accompanied Linh as she checked into hospital in the early hours of the 16th September. Heavily pregnant, she was not due for another 3 weeks and our combined concern over sporadic pain and other effects that she was feeling, justified the visit.

Llithyia Born

Four and a half hours later, Linh gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Llithyia Yan Yi Wu at 6.02am. She had arrived amidst a flurry of events that began with the midwife's declaration that it was time, followed by an expectedly quick, but nonetheless painful three and a half hours of labour, eased slightly by the warmth and comfort of the birthing pool.

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