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Details 13/2/2011 Categories Design & Art Direction. Technology.
Content Ever since the digital media industry has carved out roles such as visual designer or developer, if you've ever worked AS one of them, I'm betting my virtual soul that you've worked WITH the other.

Take this scenario. The designer comes up with a snazzy new interface that uses multiple colours, one for each section of a website. The designer's boss approves and even adds to the idea. He gets the sign-off and talks to the developer to make it happen.

The developer double-checks. "You want each section to have its own colour?" Yep.

The trouble is, the developer has to build this interface inside of an existing content management system that already allocates a generic colour and isn't built for such customisation. The developer rolls his eyes and declares that it's not worth their time to figure out a way to do this, just to have some "pretty colours".

Details 09/10/2010 Categories Design & Art Direction. News & Views.
Content Although social media commentary has saturated our technology news feeds, the BBC's Tim Weber wrote an excellent article analysing the various efforts of companies who adopt this strategy.

As a consumer, it is with some satisfaction that I read about the power and the influence that consumers "who tweet" now have over companies that could once ignore their unhappy customers, previously isolated from the world and in no danger of causing PR damage with their complaints.

The shift in power and the reported mismatch of timely reconciliation in the fast moving world of social media brings most misery to corporates who lack the agility clearly absent from their old world cultures. As individuals, we sometimes read with glee, how mammoths are brought to their knees, buckling under their slowly crumbling reputations that are subsequently picked on by that little blue bird. All power to the people - we're only asked to be treated right.

Details 31/12/2009 Categories Design & Art Direction. Observations.
Content I know when I've been out of the UK too long as I begin to fawn over new BBC productions. The latest was the remake of The Day of the Triffids and though end-of-the-world storylines now seem commonplace, I was interested in seeing the BBC's take on the killer plants. Well, I'm going to keep this short - I thought it wasn't very good.

Triffids 1

The biggest gripe I had was in the unbelievability of the characters and how the human reactions and relationships developed. Even spread over two feature length episodes, the evolution seemed rushed.

Details 29/10/2009 Categories Design & Art Direction. Products. Wishlist.
Content My favourite leather bag makers are the Austrian and English creative team at Hard Graft who are based in Austria. S'funny, I don't even own any of their leather bags, although I do have a few of their felt and leather technology cases. I've been impatiently waiting for my limited edition 2Unfold leather laptop bag to arrive when lo and behold, they've just released the 3Fold!

3 Fold

Hard Graft obviously know when they're onto a good thing. The 3Fold, like the 2Unfold, is also a multi-use laptop bag. The 3Fold however, transforms into three, much more distinct configurations - the Laptop Bag (this time fitting 15" laptops), the massively flat (A2 sized) Portfolio Bag and the puffed up Overnighter.

Details 02/9/2009 Categories Design & Art Direction. East Asian Culture. Products. Wishlist.
Content Why is it that so many of my peers collect designer toys? Probably the same reason I would. They look good as they're designed by people like us. They're undergone an exquisite production process and harbour attention to detail. That makes them desirable right? It also makes them expensive. Hell, we're working so we can afford it, and since they're so costly, they become exclusive. Limited edition. Not many of them in the world.

Taipei Toy Festival 1

However, though I buy the odd figure, I'm not a fanatic. It's nice to surround ourselves with a few things that we like and a designer toy is just like that vase of flowers, or the designer equivalent of your parent's little Lilliput Lane cottage sculpture. But I don't kid myself that any collector's item will turn into an investment, ripe for cashing when mature.

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