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Monday, 08 August, 2011

Content When you read and watch something like the riots in London, you feel frustration, sympathy but also distance. Well, right now, I live at the back of West Croydon station and down the end of my road, the pawnbrokers was torched. It's very close, and never more real than with my ten month old daughter asleep upstairs.

Croydon Riots 2011

To get home this evening around 8pm, I had to walk the long way around to my street since the main road around West Croydon station was blocked off by riot police. Just a small area mind, and so our street actually became one of the routes that the looters were using to get in and out of the main road. I was closed enough at least to hear the clashes happening.


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Tuesday, 05 October, 2010

Content Just over two weeks ago, I accompanied Linh as she checked into hospital in the early hours of the 16th September. Heavily pregnant, she was not due for another 3 weeks and our combined concern over sporadic pain and other effects that she was feeling, justified the visit.

Llithyia Born

Four and a half hours later, Linh gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Llithyia Yan Yi Wu at 6.02am. She had arrived amidst a flurry of events that began with the midwife's declaration that it was time, followed by an expectedly quick, but nonetheless painful three and a half hours of labour, eased slightly by the warmth and comfort of the birthing pool.


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Sunday, 26 July, 2009

Content In July, we visited Taipei and Seoul. Since it was our first time in either city, it was an interesting and fun experience, but natural phenomena also made the visits more memorable. No less than an earthquake and a solar eclipse.


Earthquake in Taipei

In Taipei, we experienced the earthquake that happened to Taiwan on Tuesday 14th July at 2.05am. With the epicentre off the coast, the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.3, but was only a 3 in Taipei City.


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Thursday, 02 July, 2009

Content One of my interests in spending time in Hong Kong was to get some insight into the design scene. I came across the monthly networking event Web Wednesday, which happens in the Volar Bar & Club, located in Central on Hong Kong Island. Thankfully (and ashamedly) for me, this means it is conducted in English.

Web Wednesday

Time Out Hong Kong cites Web Wednesday as being one of Hong Kong's biggest networking events. Subjects covered appear to be quite diverse covering areas such as Facebook app development and online communities, with founder and host Napolean Biggs interviewing invitees such as the founding developer of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.


Wednesday, 24 December, 2008

Content The one thing I like about Christmas in London are the sometimes extravagant displays put on in retail stores in the capital. The credit crunch seems yet to significantly affect the likes of Liberty and Fortnun & Mason. I've got a feeling their clientele are rich enough to to skim through unaffected. Small clue were the Christmas crackers at F&M which sold for up to £1,000! (The crackers discounted from £500 to £369 made me laugh - cynically.)

Xmas in London

Regards myself wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, the following sentiment seems to be doing the rounds and sums everything up thoughtfully.


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