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Details 21/5/2010 Categories Living in Hong Kong. Living in London. Travel.
Content I was hoping to do a little post whilst Linh and I were still in Hong Kong and after we visited China during the tail end of April, but just didn't get a chance. We wanted to spend what little time we had left going out and about in Hong Kong after all.

Hipstamatic Thames

As it happens we've already returned to the UK, and moving smoothly back to *normality*. I went for my first work meeting today and there was no better time and place to begin - right next to the Thames with blue skies and a warm climate. Welcome to Summer in London I guess. Some other various thoughts below.

Details 12/1/2010 Categories Living in Hong Kong. Photography. Technology.
Content The Hipstamatic was an inexpensive plastic camera produced in 1982-4 in Wisconsin, USA. There were only ever 157 of its 100 model produced, so I'm unsure how it has garnered the devotion and attention of a pair of iPhone app developers. However, it has spawned off the Hipstamatic app, and unleashed a new generation of Hipstamaniacs, me included, judging by the fantastic feedback and results it has given.

Hipsta 1

After taking over 20,000 digital photos with my Nikon in the last 12 months, I'd like to forgive myself for feeling a little photo-ed out and I was recently considering going back to basics with analogue photography.

Details 05/1/2010 Categories Living in Hong Kong.
Content Writing my travel blog, I made a decision to date the posts according to when the experiences described happened, which is preferable for the long term. The problem is that posts won't go up until several months after these actual dates, making it look like the blog isn't being up dated. More importantly, it can also hold up more timely posts.

Tim Ho Wan

For this reason, I wanted to publicise our recent visit to an excellent dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, which will pop up on in a few weeks time. The impetus for posting is that it seemed we were the last to know about this place and I certainly don't want to be the last to post about it.

Details 25/12/2009 Categories Living in Hong Kong.
Content For me, Christmas is preferably a quiet time of year. It's a strange one this year since its the first one I've experienced in the tropics, whilst I read about all the snow that's falling in the UK (and across the northern hemisphere). It doesn't feel the same without the cold. But then, I kid myself. Hong Kong actually does get cold, worsened by the fact that our place has no heating (cue investment in a portable fan heater) and no carpet.

Regarding Christmas almost wholly as a commercial exercise, I cannot think of a better country in recent visits, than Hong Kong as the setting for lots of retail displays, shoppers on a mission, and superficial events to draw in the crowds.

Details 12/11/2009 Categories Living in Hong Kong. Observations. Travel.
Content I'm currently just over the halfway mark for a sizeable sixteen months off living and traveling in East Asia. Whilst it would be grand to say that the whole time, I'm on the road seeing and experiencing amazing things, I'm actually spending more time living in Hong Kong working from home. Not that living in Hong Kong is that bad. (Note: The photo below is from Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and not Hong Kong!)

Pulau Tioman

In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way since even taking a couple of weeks out every other month to visit another East Asian country takes it toll. The fact that I'm staying out in the peaceful New Territories countryside is a godsend, if a little inconvenient, amenities-wise, in comparison to the pollution and bustle of the city.

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