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Details 26/11/2010 Categories Living in London. News & Views.
Content Whilst I'm open to both sides of the story regards the recent demonstrations over tuition fees, I'm sure I'm part of the majority who are slowly turning our thoughts against our barely elected coalition government and in particular, the actions our UK police force are reportedly taking.

Policing Freedom

I've just read about the kettling in of student demonstrators a couple of days ago, some of whom are just school age and frankly, I'm disgusted that this strategy was used at all. The police knew what they were doing. Is the point to turn people off in the future? Because the only thing it will do is shift the attention from the streets to elsewhere. Perhaps that's why the police are seeking the power to shut down websites in the UK's domain.

Sure, the UK's suffixes aren't the only domains accessible in the UK, but even if one step at a time leads to policing of the whole world wide web, they'll always be a way for those governed to "govern".

Details 09/10/2010 Categories Design & Art Direction. News & Views.
Content Although social media commentary has saturated our technology news feeds, the BBC's Tim Weber wrote an excellent article analysing the various efforts of companies who adopt this strategy.

As a consumer, it is with some satisfaction that I read about the power and the influence that consumers "who tweet" now have over companies that could once ignore their unhappy customers, previously isolated from the world and in no danger of causing PR damage with their complaints.

The shift in power and the reported mismatch of timely reconciliation in the fast moving world of social media brings most misery to corporates who lack the agility clearly absent from their old world cultures. As individuals, we sometimes read with glee, how mammoths are brought to their knees, buckling under their slowly crumbling reputations that are subsequently picked on by that little blue bird. All power to the people - we're only asked to be treated right.

Details 07/1/2010 Categories Living in London. News & Views.
Content I can't say I'm sorry to be half-way across the world from the UK during the current freeze its experiencing. But I was genuinely surprised to see it completely blanketed with snow, as observed by NASA's earth observing satellite. With a history of spirit-sapping cold damp (the crap weather would be a major reason for me to leave the country), it's a rare moment for the British island with this satellite image below making the viral rounds currently on the net.

UK Snow Island

NASA image source

Details 26/8/2008 Categories East Asian Culture. Made By Mark. News & Views.
Content The BC Project is a voluntarily run organisation that seeks to elevate the presence of the UK Chinese community in the British political arena. Its a group that I've been a part of since early 2007, and the website, which I was responsible for, has finally launched!

BC Project

Its at

Its quite a straight forward design relying on clean cut areas of information - there's no need for anything too fancy here, as the idea of conveying politics shouldn't be confused with trendy styling!

Details 08/8/2008 Categories East Asian Culture. News & Views.
Content So the Beijing Olympics 2008 opened today with a spectacular ceremony on the most auspicious of dates (and times). The event was impressive to say the least, particularly with the co-ordinated groups of energetic dancers, drummers and martial artists.

I'm looking forward to the variety of quality sporting action since the Olympics bring together the most elite sporting personalities in the world.

Beijing Olympics

However, with all the action and polished performances given by the Chinese, its easy to play down all the controversy that comes with China's socio and political history and global emergence, regardless of the sometimes frequent reports given by the free speech west.

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