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Details 27/12/2010 Categories Observations.
Content Over the last couple of days, when I've actually torn myself away from the screen, I pondered the change of the celebration of Christmas for non-religious folk. Every year, Christmas has often become the time to catch up with family and friends. Yet also every year, I've watched the number of physical Christmas cards arriving on my doorstep dwindle down to a single figure this year.


I'm ready to accept that I'm just unpopular, but the switch of communications from analogue to digital in all forms of community celebrations has been pretty tangible over the years. Whilst I yearn for the personal touch the analogue approach allows, I'm also enthused about the freedom that digital communications allows.

Details 10/3/2010 Categories Observations. Self Development.
Content So exclaimed the immortal Governator in the first Predator movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger - larger than life and undeniably a solid pillar of success resulting from such optimism - simultaneously overcame obstacles on and off-screen, from a barely comprehensive Austrian accent in an American acting industry to seven foot tall alien warriors.

He's also a movie icon, such that many think roles such as Dutch in the original 1987 Predator film are unsurpassable in a follow up. As the original "Terminator", his cameo in the latest Terminator Salvation flick even brought cries of glee from universal fans. And so it is that following a sequel (which just wasn't the same) and two cross-over films with the acid-for-blood xenomorph Aliens, comes the forthcoming Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez.

Details 01/1/2010 Categories Observations. Travel.
Content I love East Asia. Words really can't express how lucky I feel to be spending more than a year in this corner of the world and experiencing what it has to offer. In the context of travel, I do often think about other continents but I've come to appreciate the differences and contrasts within Eastern cultures, and how it shapes my own views of the world.

Cambodia 1

Coming from the UK, one defining factor with travel in the East, is cost. Though I bemoan the rise of the Hong Kong dollar against the pound in 2009, most things are still cheaper. Since visiting Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia, we steadily watched the cost of meals we eat, drop. In contrast, our visit to Tokyo was our most expensive and I can testify to the higher cost of living there.

Details 31/12/2009 Categories Design & Art Direction. Observations.
Content I know when I've been out of the UK too long as I begin to fawn over new BBC productions. The latest was the remake of The Day of the Triffids and though end-of-the-world storylines now seem commonplace, I was interested in seeing the BBC's take on the killer plants. Well, I'm going to keep this short - I thought it wasn't very good.

Triffids 1

The biggest gripe I had was in the unbelievability of the characters and how the human reactions and relationships developed. Even spread over two feature length episodes, the evolution seemed rushed.

Details 12/11/2009 Categories Living in Hong Kong. Observations. Travel.
Content I'm currently just over the halfway mark for a sizeable sixteen months off living and traveling in East Asia. Whilst it would be grand to say that the whole time, I'm on the road seeing and experiencing amazing things, I'm actually spending more time living in Hong Kong working from home. Not that living in Hong Kong is that bad. (Note: The photo below is from Pulau Tioman, Malaysia and not Hong Kong!)

Pulau Tioman

In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way since even taking a couple of weeks out every other month to visit another East Asian country takes it toll. The fact that I'm staying out in the peaceful New Territories countryside is a godsend, if a little inconvenient, amenities-wise, in comparison to the pollution and bustle of the city.

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