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Details 17/4/2016 Categories Products. Stationary.
Content Last month, I took a two week break to Hong Kong and was able to catch up with Patrick Ng - Senior Buyer at Citysuper and advocate of the Midori Traveler's Notebook and all (good) things stationary.

Traveler's Notebook

We had met previously when I lived in Hong Kong for 16 months back in 2009 and since then have seen the Traveler's Notebook brand pass it's 5th Anniversary and now this year, it's 10th Anniversary! If you're a TN fan then you'll no doubt have seen the 10th Anniversary Tin Sets currently on sale, which contain a tiny version of the Traveler's Notebook, as seen below, as well as other print goodies.

Open page of my Traveler's Notebook

Details 07/4/2010 Categories Inspiration. Stationary. Travel.
Content Since my previous posts Travel Stationary Geek and A Process for Travel Journaling, I thought I'd share an update on the collection of Traveler's Notebooks I've so far accumulated. Seven x 32 sheet notebooks, one for each country and a larger 64 sheet notebook for Hong Kong and Macau. I've also got a number of the Passport sized Traveler's Notebooks which are still fulfilling their functions as daily journals and for holding useful information.

Travel Journals 1

For the sixteen month period that we're currently spending in East Asia, these notebooks will be all. In the middle of April, Linh and I are making our last trip to China and I've got a blank notebook for that. All the notebooks will eventually sit inside the four Traveler's Notebook folders you can see in these photos.

Details 25/3/2010 Categories Products. Stationary. Travel.
Content The plan was to leave the UK in February 2009 and move over to East Asia to visit upwards of ten countries in the region. To date, things have gone to plan, touch wood, and only the motherland, China, is left on the list. It would be ignorant to leave plans as broad as that and so we'd obviously made our travel lists covering the macro to the micro.

Key Chains

On the fun side of things, aside from keeping travel journals, I also wanted to find some kind of souvenir from each country. I hadn't really considered what until we had already past Vietnam in March 2009 and were in Japan two months later. It was with the purchase of a small, waxed red cotton owl, I had decided to collect key chains.

Details 01/2/2010 Categories East Asian Culture. Products. Stationary. Travel.
Content In December 2009, Linh and I visited Thailand and Cambodia. Since we'd already visited six other countries in East Asia apart from Hong Kong and Macau, I'd already accumulated a pile of "stuff". My minimalist instinct has been kicking in recently (along with thoughts of my baggage quota for the flight back to the UK) and so I've *tried* not to buy too many physical items. But Thailand is Thailand and I thought I'd share a few of the things I bought. Nothing too bulky.

Thailand Shopping 1

I went to Bangkok armed with tips from stationary genius Patrick Ng on his Scription blog and was able find some excellent gear from Geo and check out other interesting shops such as Propaganda, the Q Concept Stores and the massive books, stationary and music store B2S.

Details 15/8/2009 Categories Inspiration. Stationary. Travel.
Content Following my previous post Travel Stationary Geek, my travel journaling is coming along nicely (if a little behind), with my efforts to document our East Asia travel experiences happening both on and offline.

Travel Journal 1

In July, Linh and I went to Taipei and Seoul. The trips adds a further two countries to our visited list that includes Vietnam and Japan, as well as Hong Kong (and Macau). So I've bought another two Traveler's Notebooks as I use a 64 page book for each country in which to keep any ephemera.

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