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Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

Content I've always had a thing about quality stationary brands, ever since the ubiquitous Filofax organisers from the 80's. I still retain a personal and an A5 sized Filofax, filling them with personal papers and using them to keep together important cards and documents. Afterall, their customisable inserts make them practical for any physical essentials in the face of our growing reliance on digital.

Stationary 1

Practically all my work is digital, but having trained mostly with crafting by hand, I still cling to any vestiges of analogue I can fit in my life.


Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

Content In the past, whenever I had to handwrite anything (yes, there was a time before the keyboard existed!), I was perfectly happy with a cheap but functional Bic Biro. In fact, I used to like drawing with one, as you could vary the weight with the pressure you applied as you drew.

However, more recently I started to ponder upon those (rare) moments when I had to actually write instead of type. I wanted to *cherish* those moments a bit more.

Its as if typing is now the common form of written communication, but handwriting is something that elevates its author to a distinguished, classy level of communicator who brings along his/her personal touch. (!)

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