A Process for Travel Journaling


Saturday, 15 August, 2009

Content Following my previous post Travel Stationary Geek, my travel journaling is coming along nicely (if a little behind), with my efforts to document our East Asia travel experiences happening both on and offline.

Travel Journal 1

In July, Linh and I went to Taipei and Seoul. The trips adds a further two countries to our visited list that includes Vietnam and Japan, as well as Hong Kong (and Macau). So I've bought another two Traveler's Notebooks as I use a 64 page book for each country in which to keep any ephemera.

Travel Journal 2

After several months, I've now developed a practical process to document our travels.

Whilst visiting a country

During a trip, Linh and I do the following everyday:

+ Take photos
+ Record video (Flip Ultra)
+ Sketch or take notes (Traveler's Notebook Passport size)
+ Note down the day's activities (Pocket Moleskine)

Travel Journal 3

Travel Journal 4

After visiting a country

After each trip, we return to Hong Kong and I do the following:

+ Edit and upload photos to Flickr
+ Edit and upload video to Vimeo
+ Stick ephemera into my full size Traveler's Notebook
+ Write up and post experiences onto

Travel Journal 5

The last part combines the photos and videos and I write by consulting the ephemera we collect and Moleskine notes I make. This is by far the most time-consuming and labour-intensive part.

Travel Journal 6

Why do I do all this?

Traveling in East Asia was never meant to be just a *holiday*. I've wanted to explore travel blogging to accompany our real life experiences but more importantly as a designer, documenting the visual aspects of our journey provides a (personal) wealth of information that I can look back on in the future for both inspiration and a source of content.

Travel Journal 7

Keeping paper journals that collect all the ephemera we gather has no match in helping to recall our visits in each East Asian country. But writing and keeping an online journal allows us to record the smaller experiences we would otherwise forget, as well as enable us to share them with our friends and the world at large.

Travel Journal 8


Inspiration. Stationary. Travel.

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I'm a new Midori Traveler Notebook (Passport Sized) user, and have been wondering whether to get the fullsized one. Thanks for sharing! Picture of Ruby

Posted by Ruby in Singapore

on 21/08/10 at 06:15 PM

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