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Sunday, 01 February, 2009

Content I was privileged enough to be interviewed recently by journalist and writer Hsiao-Hung Pai, author of the excellent book Chinese Whispers. The interview was for a short article about the site I created called Visible Chinese (Hsiao-Hung is also profiled on there), and also includes a little about the experience of living in the UK as a British Chinese person.

Since the UK Chinese Times is a Chinese language newspaper, the final article is in Chinese and you can read it as a pdf by clicking on this link:

Article with Mark Wu, in the UK Chinese Times
Update : UK Chinese Times article scan with Mark Wu

The piece itself is aimed at Mainland Chinese, who may be interested in hearing about the site and finding out more about Chinese people in the UK, including what it means to be British Chinese.

For those who do not read Chinese - including myself (!) - the article touches upon growing up with parents who run a takeaway - a common scenario for British Chinese families.

It also explains the freedom I've had from my parents to be able to choose a creative profession (no pressure for the sciences!) and the encouragement I've received during my undergraduate studies to research the British Chinese culture.

UK Chinese Times photo

These influences have invariably led to acquiring Chinese clients and more recently to develop Visible Chinese which profiles achievers in the UK Chinese culture.
The UK Chinese Times


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