Cord Tacos


Saturday, 30 November, 2013

Content A folded, circular piece of leather used to hold together a wrapped up iPhone / mobile device cable is one of those simple ideas that draws attention-to-detail seeking Apple fans, who also like the old world feel of leather.

Cord Tacos

I don't think I'm fanatical, but I wanted and bought a mixed colour and mixed sized set from the maker Mike of 'This is Ground', just so I could keep my cables separated, but together, in my bag.

Cord Tacos

You can see how these Cord Tacos are made up in the photos. I actually thought they were simple enough to make myself and play around with the sizes and look. I have a few leather tools and hardware, but I needed to get a few pieces of decent leather. Lo and behold, it turns out buying a small amount of leather online in the UK is almost just as expensive as buying these tacos.

I saved my DIY leather curiosity for another project, but as I've now had these Cord Tacos for a few months, I'd say that they're nice and tactile, but the fastening could be stronger (whether it's the length of the stud or the thickness of the leather itself).

This is Ground on Etsy

Cord Tacos



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