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Thursday, 06 November, 2008

Content When I found out about the UK service that sends you food to "graze" on, I was a little intrigued, especially since it only costs £2.29 to just give it a try once. I spend too many of my days consuming around 2 large meals a day rather than breaking my eating habits into more frequent bursts.

Graze 2

Since I'm working from home at the moment, its also a nice idea to have something good to snack on sent directly to me, particularly as Graze touts natural and healthy boxes of food which are officially recognised by the Department of Health as supporting the five-a-day scheme, supplying portions depending on which size of box you go for.

A well designed and informative website answered any doubts that I had - apart from explaining what the actual experience of receiving a delivery was like.

You can choose what type of box you want (i.e. one of their "classic" combinations of fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds etc, or something more specialised like their "preworkout" box) and what size, as well as schedule when you want your deliveries and how often.

I decided to order a "classic" box, which at the small size, contains three items and costs £2.99. I was able to go through what the possible contents would be (you can't specify exactly what you get - which means it becomes a (nice) surprise) and exclude the foods I didn't like the sound of (I'm not too keen on wasabi nuts..)

It arrived today, sent via Royal Mail and I was quite impressed!

Graze 1

It was probably because it was my first delivery from a service like Graze, but upon opening the box, I was presented with a great visual display of the three selected foods - pineapple, tomato focaccia bites and a mix of dried cranberries, almonds and pecans.

Graze 3

There's a customised label with a run down of the contents, the box type (classic) and a note concerning recycling of the packaging (always good). Taking out the clear boxes of food reveals a nice touch of printed grass underneath - the culinary equivalent of astroturf. The grass actually backs a page of nutritional printed info, customised to the contents of your box.

Graze 4

Graze 5

I read about the preparation and packaging of fresh fruit on the Graze website and in my box the pineapple has a card sheath that has a damp pad that seems to provide moisture through the (perforated, but invisible to the human eye?) plastic wrapping. The pineapple tasted great and you also get a bamboo fork to eat it with too!

Graze 6

I've got two more deliveries scheduled and all in all, I'm looking forward to them. The only thing, which isn't a fault of Graze, is that their small classic box didn't fit through my letterbox. Since I have a habit of missing deliveries, there is a risk that I could miss one of these and god knows what happens to the food a day later.


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