Handmade and Bound : London Book Art and Zine Fair


Friday, 07 November, 2008

Content I took a quick detour over the weekend to the independent Handmade and Bound event at Euston, which is the Affordable Book & Zine Fair. Held at the St Aloysius Social Club, the collection of cloth-covered tables and varied display of handmade notebooks, comics and artworks gave it quite a homely, indie feel. It probably helped that the space was packed out and sweaty in contrast to the outside wet, cold and gloomy location just off Eversholt Road.


It's been awhile since I came to an event like this, with probably the last time being way over two decades ago at some comic convention when I was still getting pocket money. Some of the stuff I saw was really nice, but unfortunately, alot of it didn't appeal to me or make me want to buy.

However, its this kind of event, which seems to bring together a community of closet crafters, that inspires me to try making something by hand, in contrast to all the digital work that I do.

In recent years, I started making some collages out of textured paper and pressed botanical ephemera (an example below), and I can easily see a development in using this style in creating notebooks or similar physical crafts.


Anyway... when there's time. Although the event has passed right now, keep hold of the website address if you're interested in future editions.

One thing I did come across was... Ninja Bunny!

Ninja Bunny 1

Ninja Bunny 2

Oh, and if you are a bloke and are ever interested in becoming a woman, there is a shop on Eversholt Road that er, helps you out! Their shop window...



Events. Living in London.

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I saw that transgender shop too! very odd but made me laugh. i also agree that the fair had a strong indie vibe about it, which i wasn't expecting but yeah it does make you want to make some lovely handmade stuff for a change. Picture of Rachel Irwin

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) in london

on 03/12/08 at 05:16 PM
hmmn interesting shop that! I wish i could have made the fare though - looked really interesting! The drawings remind me of books I used to draw as a kid. Love the crafts too! Picture of Jenny

Posted by Jenny

on 05/12/10 at 07:31 PM

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