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Friday, 03 April, 2009

Content Ok, its great to learn more about another culture and you have to "live" in a country to do so. As I've said before, Hong Kong is not totally alien to Linh and I. So far, we've found that our lifestyle is an improvement on the UK, but that probably has more to do with us not working a day job and therefore being able to chill out a bit. It probably also has alot to do with living in the New Territories - better air than Kowloon I think.

Anyway, wanting to keep this post short - I don't want to say anything I'd regret later - but about Hong Kong people, why is it that:

1. They talk in the cinema during a film? I don't mean as a one off comment.. no.. they have to discuss what they think is happening next and what they think of the characters and the acting. And if their phone rings (with some cantopop ring tone), they answer and have an audible conversation. I think I'm the only one that gets bothered by this though. In the UK, a collective audience would tut at any single violator, whereas in Hong Kong, I'd be the only soul tempted to turn and slap the ******s.

2. They never hold a door open when they know someone is behind them as they walk through? It's almost as if slipping though the diminishing gap as a door closes is a respectable artform. Glass doors, wooden doors, in shopping malls and dining halls. Its all the same for people of all ages but for the young its inexcusable. I once held open a door whilst an old lady struggled to push a loaded trolley through it and she reacted like she won the lottery, thanking me no end.

3. They push in? Particularly on the metro where there are clear lines on the platforms. Line up here and let the current passengers off first. Is it because they want to be the first to grab that last empty seat? Didn't play enough musical chairs when they were young? The speed at which empty seats are re-occupied on the metro is just short of people barging others out of the way, and once the successful occupier has made themselves comfortable, the smug and satisfied expression is almost comical. Don't even get me started on the light minibuses...

Update : In the heat of the moment, I forgot to mention that I know not all Hong Kong people are like this and I apologise if I offend anyone. But don't try to deny that these things don't happen!

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I thought these issues could only be found on the mainland! That shatters my hope that Hong Kong would be different.

When I stayed for 8 months in my hometown of Panjin, Liaoning, NE China, the not holding doors, smoking and some spitting really annoyed me. Although to be fair, the the people around Turnpike Lane aren't much better.

Enjoying reading your posts. Keep it up!
Picture of Zac Zheng

Posted by Zac Zheng in London

on 30/04/09 at 08:19 AM
The spitting used to be an issue here in Hong Kong, but I've not seen anyone doing it outside of the toilets. There are lots of signs and fines now for things like that, so HK seems to be cleaning up.

I'm keen to visit China, but at the same time, dreading it...
Picture of Mark Wu

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

on 30/04/09 at 10:09 AM

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