If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It


Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

Content So exclaimed the immortal Governator in the first Predator movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger - larger than life and undeniably a solid pillar of success resulting from such optimism - simultaneously overcame obstacles on and off-screen, from a barely comprehensive Austrian accent in an American acting industry to seven foot tall alien warriors.

He's also a movie icon, such that many think roles such as Dutch in the original 1987 Predator film are unsurpassable in a follow up. As the original "Terminator", his cameo in the latest Terminator Salvation flick even brought cries of glee from universal fans. And so it is that following a sequel (which just wasn't the same) and two cross-over films with the acid-for-blood xenomorph Aliens, comes the forthcoming Predators, produced by Robert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, of From Dusk Till Dawn fame, brought about some hint of intrigue as to how the new film will turn out, but my curiosity was subsequently stunted by the single-eyebrow-raising reveal of the slight Adrien Brody as the mercenary lead.

Having recently seen the trailer for Predators, it's clear that Brody had filled out for the role and what started as a bizarre choice in casting turned out to be (what might be) a satisfactory replacement for Dutch. Whilst net commentary now seems to be reserving opinionated judgment on the outcome, movie sites were initially baulking at the risk of someone like Brody in the lead.

When watching the trailer, I don't wish for the inimitable Austrian to be there flexing his trigger arms, but I find myself beginning to believe that the sharp-nosed and newly-buffed Brody has a chance against superior opponents in a jungle that requires all of his perceived wit and new-found muscles to navigate.

Whilst I eagerly await the opening of Predators, I pondered on the act of casting an unusual choice for a physical lead in Brody. The news brought interest to the production and at the same time, a bit of excitement over the risk being taken, hopefully to take the franchise somewhere different and accomplished.

In everyday life, self-development tomes and even instant-expert friends offer advice that taking a risk is needed to make progress, depending on what you want to do. The classic in career-development is to leave your *safe* job for what you hope is a better one, with more money and better prospects. Entrepreneurial types need risk in their blood to succeed. Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute is a risk. Even attempting a somersault is a risk. In any case, without taking the risk, you'll never know what could happen, what that adrenaline rush felt like, what that ability is good for.

With success also comes failure, and that's something to factor in (and assume) when taking risks. Along with preparing yourself with as much information as you can so that your risk is calculated. Sure, Brody was an unlikely candidate but he was still an actor, and a fine one at that. Whether making job changes or parachute jumps, it makes sense to load up on all the intel to help you make the decision or to keep you safe.

If you plan on watching Predators when its released, or happen to engage in any form of entertainment, perhaps draw some parallels with what you want in life and create an instinct to go for it. If aiming for Governor is too high, just do a Brody and lift a few weights. If it doesn't get you a movie role, it will make you a little stronger.

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