In London, knowing what your options are, is enough (for me)


Thursday, 03 January, 2008

Content I once said to someone that living in London, you have really convenient access to alot of cool things going on, culturally and otherwise. As an international city known for its diversity, this can't be denied.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying London is perfect. I've often wondered whether its crap weather has kept its population indoors in the past, thereby spending more time on creating clever cultural distractions, science and technological advancements and financial figures, fine-tuning them for a profit. You know, those things that have pushed London as a "forward-thinking city, rich in history and accomplishments".

However, with great activities, comes great responsibilities. The pressure and responsibilities of work has often kept me from doing anything else, but work. As I've been my own boss for almost the last decade or so, much of this is self-inflicted I know, but that's not the point here.

If all one does is work eight plus hours a day, and then do nothing (much) in the evening, why not move somewhere else more pleasant to work?

For instance, if it takes an hour's worth of misery to get the tube into town, you could move out to the country instead, and spend an hour on a leisurely walk to a stylish country barn office (fitted with wireless internet and all the mod-cons of course). Or a five minute drive if you can't be bothered - no congestion charging here right?

I guess thousands of people have already known this, have had enough and have left London in droves to furnish their trendy barn offices.

However - what I've realised, is that it doesn't seem to matter in London whether you do make use of all that's going on. It's enough for me to KNOW that things are going on, and that I could go to this, or could go to that. In the end, I'm just too tired to do anything, but I'm satisfied with the knowledge that I could have done this or that.

You don't get the same thing in the country. I know there are things to do, but your options are more limited. And when you've grown up with the ICA, and all the London museums, the Chinatown and cut price Tottenham Court Road gadgets, everywhere else just isn't the same.

I know London has issues but, until knowing that I could be doing something in London, is not enough, I'll stay put, in London.

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