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Monday, 02 February, 2009

Content Yes, as if this site, Filoflow, Visual Streak, Visible Chinese and One Inch Punch weren't enough, I've now started another one called MangoVine. As you may have read from previous posts, I'll be moving over to Hong Kong for a year in a few days. My family have a home there in the New Territories and the plan is to spend a year there, but also travel to the other East Asian countries in that time.

Part of the reason for going over to Hong Kong is to gain a little more knowledge of my heritage as well as get to know the ins and outs of living there. Visiting the other East Asian countries is simply to make the most of being close enough to explore practically and cheaply. Since my profession is design, I'm also keen to cast an eye over the various cultures and try to document observations that I find interesting.

I'm planning to originate alot of content from my experiences there, and include alot more of my photos, which usually lounge in my Flickr account. It made sense to me to start a new blog site, one that I could use to house all these experiences and which I could continue as a East Asia travel blog, after the year is up.

So was born. Why "MangoVine"? I was brainstorming a few names and eventually chose this one because it included an exotic fruit and implied a 'place'. The combination of words mimick 'grapevine' and I wanted to convey the impression of a place people could imagine, a place where they could 'hear' about something.

I'm naturally quite excited about the year ahead and more so with being able to run MangoVine, hopefully with a view to building up a dialogue with site visitors from around the world. Visiting other East Asian countries will be long overdue too since I've spent the last two years posting net links about them on One Inch Punch.

So hopefully, if you like the sound of what you read, you'll check out the new MangoVine site and stay in touch!


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