My New Year’s Travel Resolutions


Sunday, 18 January, 2009

Content Strangely enough, the most ambitious resolutions I've ever made in my life, are also the most achievable. You see, I resolved to visit the major East-Asian countries this year; Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Not quick, easy or cheap - unless you have a plan. And that my friends, is what I have.


It's been a couple of years in the making, but I've worked my ass off and saved a bit of money, just so I can "take off" 2009 and live in Hong Kong. My heritage is in Hong Kong and in making the country my base, it will be more practical to visit the other East-Asian countries - like we currently do in the UK, with Europe.

Needless to say, its pretty exciting and also a little nerve-wracking at the same time. I've never lived abroad although I've taken plenty of overseas holidays, but Hong Kong is probably the place I would most feel at home in other than the UK.

I look forward to living a local's life and taking a back seat so that I can observe more of the culture and interestingly for me, to draw comparisons between life in East-Asia and the UK.


Its never been a better time too. Current technology will play a big part in my year off. Connectivity will allow me to stay in touch with work contacts, family and friends and also help in a little travel research.

Technology will also equip me with the ability to document my experiences digitally, particularly with online media so that I can also share with everyone back home.

Being in touch means that I can work remotely if required. I can do some simple but essential maintenance work, and a little more intense project work here and there.

Of course, when resolving to take time off and travel, there's always a danger that "time-off" isn't really time taken to recharge. But managed well, at least over the course of a year, I'm hoping that technology will give me the choice to work. A little or alot. And I think being given choice is the great thing about traveling with technlogy.


Observations. Travel.

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