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Saturday, 16 February, 2008

Content Thought I'd share the new logo I've just created for The British Chinese Project, mentioned in my last post. The BC Project is something I've been involved with over the last year or so, mainly in putting together the proposal for what the project will do, as well as publicly promoting it's work.

BC Project logo

"The BC Project is an all-party organisation which seeks to ultimately elevate the presence of the UK Chinese community in the British political arena."

For the logo and overall branding, the BC Project members wanted to keep it quite clear and a little friendly, but also to demonstrate that the group means business. For the typeface, I chose the classic and quite practical Akzidenz Grotesk, which is excellent for headlines and display areas, but which is also perceived to have charm and character.

This was aligned with the tick and circle idea which was derived through earlier drafts of the title that changed the "J" in "Project" into a tick, composing it with its neighbour "O" to create an abstract character, shouting and using its voice and raising it's left hand for action.

I was aware that a tick is not the most uncommon of logo marques used, but why restrict yourself when design is sometimes not "new" but an updated version of the past?(!)

With the tick character composition, it was felt that it was strong enough to bring out on its own, alongside clear typographic naming, giving an overall sense of positivity and action.

We also kept the Chinese elements quite reduced to just the subtitle, so that it does exist and is readable to Chinese readers, but doesn't distract from the group being based in the UK, and works within UK politics.

Hope you like the logo!

For more information on the project, visit The BC Project website.

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