Retro Look, Feel and Fun of the Hipstamatic iPhone Toy Camera App


Tuesday, 12 January, 2010

Content The Hipstamatic was an inexpensive plastic camera produced in 1982-4 in Wisconsin, USA. There were only ever 157 of its 100 model produced, so I'm unsure how it has garnered the devotion and attention of a pair of iPhone app developers. However, it has spawned off the Hipstamatic app, and unleashed a new generation of Hipstamaniacs, me included, judging by the fantastic feedback and results it has given.

Hipsta 1

After taking over 20,000 digital photos with my Nikon in the last 12 months, I'd like to forgive myself for feeling a little photo-ed out and I was recently considering going back to basics with analogue photography.

Hipsta 2

I thought about experimenting with Lomo cameras, but was luckily put off by the cost by eventually getting a much cheaper plastic twin lens reflex camera in the shape of the Gakkenflex - a model that comes in kit form and which you have to put together yourself. Great for understanding how the mechanics work.

Hipsta 3

Then I tried out the Hipstamatic app and fell in love with the effects generated by mixing and matching the lens, film and flash accessories. Although a little cumbersome, using the app results in photos which are sometimes a little unpredictable, but entirely what I was after from using a physical toy camera.

Hipsta 4

I had previously looked at various iPhone apps that had surfaced but was unimpressed with the "effects" that were on offer to spice up the iPhone's picture taking capabilities.

Hipsta 5

However, I can't recall if any of them allowed the user to customise the "camera" accessories, increasing the available effects, and the fact that the app relates to a real-life product is a bonus.

Hipsta 6

The only downside to Hipstamatic is that the results are quite low-res, limited by the iPhone's photographic hardware, but purists might argue that this becomes part of the appeal.

Hipsta 7

All the photos in this post were taken in Hong Kong.

Hipsta 8

Hipsta 9

Hipsta 10

Hipsta 11

Hipsta 12

Hipsta 13

Hipsta 14

Hipsta 15

Hipsta 16

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Totally love Hipstamatic!! Waitin' for the 150 and the new packs Picture of Belafonte

Posted by Belafonte in BA, Argentina

on 16/02/10 at 09:56 PM

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