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Sunday, 03 February, 2008

Content For almost a year, I've been involved with a volunteer action group with the working title The British Chinese Project, which aims to integrate more British Chinese people into politics. The UK has a significant British Chinese population contributing to the economy but this isn't reflected in the community's contribution to politics.

It therefore isn't surprising that the UK Chinese is seen as the silent minority, and change is simply needed.

Part of the BC Project's agenda is to increase visibility of the UK Chinese, and one way to do this is for British Chinese to take up a public appointment or two. There is a website for this, where you can browse the vacancies available and match your applications for those you're qualified for, in organisations you're interested in:

Public Appointments website

Apparently, if you're young and Chinese, organisations are very keen to get you on board but of course, anyone can go for these appointments and there are many reasons to hold a public position, some of which include:

  • Instant status and a positive profile addition for your professional life
  • Being able to exercise your expertise
  • Satisfaction in helping to make responsible decisions in an organisation
  • Learning about how other organisations work without compromising your current employment
  • Networking with high profile colleagues you meet and work with
  • Excellent CV addition
  • Time required can be very minimal - sometimes just four meetings a year

Like applying for full-time jobs, if the requirements for these positions sound steep, just go for it anyway!

Good luck!

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