The Great British Diagram


Monday, 05 May, 2008

Content I saw this diagram explaining the British Isles and the relationships between England, Great Britain, Ireland etc. I'm not obsessed with the finer details of the countries make-up, but it did make me realise that I needed to brush up on my geography a little!

UK Diagram

Besides, I'm partial to a bit of information design, and so I couldn't resist redrawing this diagram.

The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom are the only two sovereign states and are shown in orange. Ireland and Great Britain are both islands. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are constituent countries of the United Kingdom and are shown as dark red circles.

I won't even try to imagine all the ethnic minorities staking their claim on the map, but hopefully BritChina will do at some point in the future.

The original diagram is here and I first came across it on Neatorama.

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