Top Fives in London and Hong Kong


Wednesday, 21 January, 2009

Content I had a think about some of the differences between London and Hong Kong. About the sort of things that make each place unique, and also personal to me. This exercise probably has more value over the course of the year when there is a chance to capture the details of living and to give time to reflect on them.

But as a start point, here are some lists which are quite superficial and which I will probably be ashamed of in a year's time. But it will be interesting to look back upon them.

Top Five things I'll miss about London

- Friends and family
- Work opportunities
- Museums and galleries (even if I don't visit them)
- Decent pasta
- My home

Top Five things I won't miss about London

- Damp weather
- London Transport
- Guns and knives
- "Closing down" signs
- Cost of living

Top Five things I look forward to in Hong Kong

- Mango and tofu
- Better skin
- Bike rides
- Anything new
- Anything vintage

Top Five things I won't look forward to

- People spitting and nose picking in public
- Open drains
- Sweaty days
- Hole in the ground toilets
- The exchange rate

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