Project Details

Animal Action

Web-based educational app design for kids to create their own magazine.

Client RSPCA via Atticmedia
Date May, 2011

RSPCA - Animal Action

RSPCA - Animal Action

RSPCA - Animal Action

These designs were for an Atticmedia proposal for an RSPCA KS2 resource that encourages young people to understand their role and responsibility towards the welfare of pet animals.

The concept “Animal Action” puts the user in a team that creates a regular ezine about pets. They’re assigned activities that require them to put together reports, create photo stories and cut videos for the impending next issue.

With a colourful, almost chaotic visual style, the user interface conveys a sense of hand crafting the assignments within a busy office and takes it’s inspiration from the British children’s comedy-drama "Press Gang” which dates from the late 1980’s.

Atticmedia won the pitch and the finished project later gained an award, although I wasn’t involved in it’s development.


Art Direction
Visual Design

Desk illustration by Anna Haigh

Links :

+ www.atticmedia.com