Project Details

Ben & Bella

Website and Flash Game Visual Design for Showcasing Preschool Products.

Client Early Learning Group GmbH via Atticmedia
Date August, 2011

Ben & Bella

Ben & Bella

The Germany-based Early Learning Group produces deeply engaging, entertaining educational products for children ages 2 through 7. With their innate curiosity and intuitive ability to mimic others, every child is born with the basic skills that are necessary to Discover English with Ben & Bella, their core product, and master all the early education themes offered by the series.

The complete product package is made up of DVDs, CDs, books and interactive games, and children can playfully and easily discover the English language through them.

The Early Learning Group approached (my client) Atticmedia to revamp their web presence in a drive to expand their market worldwide. As well as providing more information about the product elements themselves, Flash games were developed alongside videos, to extend and communicate the playfulness of the brand.

The visual style of the site extends the colourful look of the physical product (seen above) and makes extensive use of the illustrative assets available. After all, since there is a strong identity in the title characters Ben and Bella, as well as the various characters and objects they meet, it's only natural that they are introduced to new audiences on the website.

Whilst being a product for children, the website itself is designed for their parents to learn about the benefits of Discover English with Ben & Bella and ultimately to buy the product. Layouts are clear and navigation straight-forward. There's no doubt that children will also see the site, so a dedicated "Fun & Games" area showcases Flash games and animations for them to interact with.

Finally, the interface design eschews a consistent colour system for linking, preferring instead to colour-coordinate links according to their context. (A core set of brand colours are used in the product to represent six different "themes" of content.)

Working with the project manager at Atticmedia, I was responsible mainly for the development of the visual design and user experience of the website and Flash games, before moving onto production management whilst members of the Atticmedia team developed the site with Wordpress and scripted the games with Flash. I also spent a long but lovely day work shopping with the client in Munich early in the project.