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Campus A - The 2014 Audit Briefing

Visual and simple 3D design for a virtual learning space.

Client PwC via Atticmedia
Date January, 2014

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PwC Campus A

PwC Campus A

"Campus A" is a concept for a PwC virtual learning space for their 2014 audit briefing.

The idea was to create a virtual 3D space which acts as a gateway to access bite-sized learning contained in the briefing. Whilst navigating a 3D space isn't as straight forward as a listed menu, the balance here was to keep things simple with easy rotation and scale controls to understand what's there and point and click hot spots to access windows of content.

The visuals are kept stylistically simple - the semi-transparent panes can help reveal layers of content whilst also echoing the actual PwC logo.

The learning modules, of which there are four main topics, are represented by "physical" subject zones. Extending the metaphor to different types of content leads to video walls, display boards and, keynote sessions and break out areas.