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CareZone Community

Prototype website of an online community for children in care.

Client Hitachi Europe
Date July, 2003

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CareZone is "The Who Cares? Trust's" new set of secure online interactive services for children in public care.

I worked on various aspects of the project, designing the logo, promotional brochure and website prototype, responding to extensive workshops held in different parts of the UK with kids in care.

A dynamic and highly interactive Flash front-end was developed to allow kids in care to create their own environments (room, street and town) as well as access educational information.

For these users, it was important to give them a sense of space that they would feel was their own, as in reality, they were likely to be moved from one home to another, and could feel a sense of displacement.

A number of different interfaces were explored including gadget devices containing all kinds of customisation features.

The site also had to integrate with a number of technologies such as SmartAgent software which was a Javascript-based interactive intelligent agent that responds intuitively to messaging.


Visual Design

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+ www.hitachi.eu

This is a KIBOOK project. Additional illustration work by Luella Jane Wright.