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CGD Research Trust

Website for a specialist organisation involved with Chronic Granulomatous Disorder.

Client CGD Research Trust
Date September, 2006

CGD Research Trust

The CGD Research Trust is the world's leading specialist organisation involved with Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD), a rare immune deficiency.

CGD is a rare and life-threatening genetic condition which could affect 8-10 people in a million of us. People with CGD are born with a faulty gene in their bone marrow, meaning their white blood cells cannot fight infections as they should.

We worked with the CGD Research Trust to design and develop their website, creating a content managed system to allow them to add the latest news.

Keeping the site up-to-date with news of scientific breakthroughs or other information was a priority to support the community of people with CGD and their families.

With a limited budget, we were able to create a clean, structured site that provides the foundation for the development of an online community, essential to bring people involved with CGD together.

Visitors can register, donate and send-to-friend, participate in the forums and find ways to get involved and help out.

Different areas of the site are also colour coded, with three of the major areas (Care, Community and Medical Research) highlighted on the homepage to provide direct links in to the content.

Features of this site are standard, however one of our major considerations was to balance the approach - it was essential to be sensitive to the subject matter, yet provide sign posts for site visitors to donate.