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Chinatown Arts Space v1

Branding and website to support East-Asian visual and performing arts.

Client Chinatown Arts Space
Date December, 2006

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Chinatown Arts Space (CAS) was initiated in 2003 by a group of British East Asian (BEA) artists who foresaw the need to champion the development of East Asian performing and visual arts in London.

Led by Yellow Earth Theatre (YET), the UK's flagship BEA company, a consortium was formed with support from Westminster City Council (WCC), Shaftesbury PLC, and London Chinese Chinatown Association (LCCA).

I was responsible for developing the logo and website.

With the logo, the idea takes a little inspiration from the oriental yin-yang symbol and began with an exploration into an icon that could represent depth, for a performance or display space. Reducing its form led to the final elegant solution which suggests visual movement.

The Chinatown Arts Space website was a relatively simple design and development job, but no less satisfying because of it. Early design variations explored layouts with more depth and colour but eventually, a far simpler design proved to be the most effective.


Art Direction
Visual Design

This is a KIBOOK project with additional branding work by Jonas Burki.