Project Details

Chinese Original

Website for a premium mandarin Chinese language culture training company.

Client Chinese Original Ltd
Date May, 2008


Chinese Original is a provider of Mandarin Language Training, Culture Coaching and Communication Consulting Services.

It offers more than simply teaching mandarin to its clients, preferring to create customised courses, supplemented with cultural references and other aspects of the Chinese language, in order to maximise the aims of client's learning.

With many of its time-limited clients originating from city businesses, Chinese Original required a straight forward and easy to navigate website, which also portrayed a high sense of quality and culture.

The eventual design solution added touches of China with a subtle phoenix motif and smooth and glossy, enamel textures, combined with a consistent four column layout structure.

Photos were used throughout to reflect the culture and these were reduced slightly in saturation to push them back, but also to give off a sense of sophistication.

The website is aimed to incorporate four other languages in the future, including French, Chinese and Japanese. I designed and built the current English language version, and the client now maintains the pages with their own resources.