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Contracts - Making the Right Decision

Visual design for an internal resource module at the BBC.

Client BBC via Atticmedia
Date September, 2012

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BBC Contracts

BBC Contracts

This elearning course teaches and informs it’s staff about employment contracts and the different types, and emphasises how important they are in the grander scheme of things at the BBC.

The structure is quite simple - a linear path begins with an animated video, followed by slides of content, finalising with a test and then resources for more information.

The user interface adheres to the BBC GEL branding system and so apart from tweaking that until its done, the bulk of the design work in this project was concentrated on the background imagery.

Several drafts and refinements eventually produced layers of elements that give a flavour of formal contracts - watermarks, official seals, wax stamps and ink signatures. These were used in different configurations throughout sections of the course.