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Diversity & Inclusion

Visual design for an internal resource at BP.

Client BP via Atticmedia
Date August, 2012

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The issues of Diversity and Inclusion are understandably important for the work force of a large multinational such as BP. These designs formed part of a proposal for an internal resource on these issues with lots of different ways into the content, recognising that people would use the site in different ways.

The "creative hook" begins with big, attention-grabbing quotes and questions on the front pages, which each lead to related content. Useful navigation features such as dynamic tags allow users to move fluidly around the site to consume what they're interested in, whilst a linear, guided route ensures users can also view all the content 'you need to know'.

Complex information would be broken down into digestible, shorter form 'essential' content, with optional links to expand on the topics raised.

FAQs, downloadable classroom materials and toolkits as well as contextual 'Share' buttons round off this resource, designed according to the distinctive BP brand guidelines.