Project Details

Doodul Digital Postcards

A viral campaign website to send short, "witty" phrases.

Client Eyestorm
Date May, 2001


Click for closeup
A temporary viral campaign which left an impression long after it finished (thanks to the industrial strength pavement stickers dotted around Hoxton Square!).

A nice idea consisting of simple, striking digital type graphics that people can customise to create their own 8-letter words, by turning segments of each character on and off.

The offline version of this consisted of a t-shirt and a beermat which people could customise with a black marker pen.

I was responsible for the online version, where visitors could create an "ecard" version of the slogan by clicking type segments on and off, without having to use any plug-ins.

These slogans could then be sent to a friend and were exhibited in an online gallery. A downloadable screensaver with preselected slogans was also available.


Web Development

This is a KIBOOK project and was sponsored by Absolut Vodka.