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Design and animation for a Flash elearn for PwC.

Client PwC via Atticmedia
Date November, 2010

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I'm not sure that PwC need any introduction, especially if like me, you've passed their offices in London Bridge a multitude of times. Just one office (passed over 8 years every day) in probably hundreds around the world.

Well, PwC are a professional services company that recently underwent a branding overhaul, part of which truncated their name from PriceWaterhouseCoopers to just PwC.

I wasn't part of the team that worked on the new brand, but I was brought on board as lead creative for a project that Atticmedia were carrying out for PwC, as part of their rebranding launch.

Atticmedia is a top 100 New Media Age company that were creating an e-learning piece that introduced the new brand and provided various business scenarios that the new brand should be perpetuated. The piece was entirely aimed at PwC staff around the world, and was meant to aid internal communications in the transition from the old to the new.

The e-learning product was delivered as a Flash piece online and I actually joined the project team in the last three weeks to help turn around a finished product for the deadline. I contributed to concepts (that could still be included at this late a stage!) and created screen designs and Flash assets for the final delivery. I also helped co-ordinate animation and technical support work and basically did anything to make the delivery happen!