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Design & concepts for a digital urban space defined by users and curated by artists.

Client egg via Soda Creative
Date October, 2004

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egg*on was a conceptual and highly ambitious project, funded by a bank to simply "create" something art-related (for publicity). To most designers and most definitely to me, this was a dream project.

As the project also involved well-known artists such as the controversial photographer Rankin and his magazine co-creator Jefferson Hack, it was destined for high profile success.

The remit was to develop a digital space with which to drive a public competition for user created art - which would be initiated and curated by guest celebrity artists. The initial round of concepts I presented was met with enthusiasm.

It involved the creation of a three dimensional world, structured with three levels, each representing a level of hierarchy for the project.

To say I was in my element is an understatement and egg*on afforded me an excellent opportunity to immerse myself within a creatively challenging project working in collaboration with a number of partner companies.

Alas, due to circumstances beyond our control, the project eventually petered out and was never completed.

To this day, egg*on still remains to be one of my most memorable projects, which always gets me thinking about 'what could have been'.