Project Details

Fresh & Fast

Online concept screen designs for a pitch to create a microwave recipe site.

Client Illumina Digital
Date December, 2008

Fresh & Fast

Fresh & Fast

Fresh & Fast

Fresh & Fast! is a pitch concept to create a multi-format business proposition.

It takes the form of a cooking show around the celebrities Glynn Christian and Alex James who could host a traveling TV series before moving onto creating online content and real-time interactive cooking video broadcasts.

The difference is that the concept promotes the use of microwaves as a tool in a form of cooking that creates tasty and healthy meals that are also cheap and quick to make.

A potentially timely idea for the budget and health conscious demographic of students, single dwellers and busy families.

The website design concept incorporates lots of current technological features to create user centred experiences - meal planners, personal ingredients shopping lists, suggested recipes, uploaded recipes and bookmarking other people's recipes.

Compelling video recipe content is further enhanced with background information and scheduled, live video broadcasts, where users can chat with both the presenters and the Fresh & Fast! community.

Finally, contextual integration with partner product links (e.g. to Tesco or Smeg) where relevant (ingredients and appliances) can generate revenue streams.