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Harbottle & Lewis

Visual design for a London law firm website.

Client Harbottle & Lewis via Atticmedia
Date August, 2012

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Harbottle & Lewis

Harbottle & Lewis

London law firm Harbottle & Lewis were after a refresh of their website that refocuses their marketing more towards the kind of clients they attract.

Apparently, they’re quite a good law firm who’ve dealt with some high profile cases for example, in the entertainment sector and have royalty within their client list.

Anyway, they wanted to make it clear they can cater for either business clients or personal individuals. The eventual solution makes that pretty clear on the home page don’t you think? A clear listing of sectors they commonly work within also helps position the firm’s offering.

In comparison to their previous website, these designs also made more use of imagery (and video) within the content but also as larger format hero images for sector landing pages. Overall, the idea was to help distinguish them from perhaps more serious-looking websites that other law firms have.