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ICA Daily Events Board

Foyer Digital Display Board with Content Management System.

Client Institute for Contemporary Arts
Date April, 2003

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Even the cultural mecca of London needed to signpost their events now and again. The previous, "hand-crafted" notes adorning the entrance of the ICA, charming are they were, gave way to our slick, wood-paneled digital display board presented in the most digital of cork-boards, a plasma screen.

We developed this digital display board to present their ongoing daily programme of events and to show previews of films on show in the cinema.

Our brief from the former Director was 'something that 60's James Bond would use'. (!)

The screen, which is located in the foyer, displays all the events happening on that day as well as events that are "coming soon".

The system runs on site, and includes a content management system for ICA staff to easily and conveniently update and edit the display as frequently as required without advanced computer knowledge.