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Impact English

Design and Flash development of educational CD-ROMs for publishers Harper Collins.

Client Harper Collins
Date June, 2005

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Six CD-ROMS (two each for Year 7, 8, and 9) were produced, with three disks containing twenty seven texts (categorised by text type and unit) and six tasks for each text, and the remaining three disks containing a range of games for whiteboard use.

These products were designed for both individual student use and class use. Built-in teacher's controls allowed them to customise individual student content and maintain a markbook displaying each student's progress.

Harper Collins publish a series of Impact English educational books, so the design of these CD-ROMs were required to follow the branding guidelines for them.

Development-wise, the challenge was to create a design, both visual and technical, that allowed masses of content to be populated efficiently, not just on one CD-ROM, but on all three. At the same time, we had to maintain a degree of flexibility to account for the varying amounts of content and tasks.


Visual Design

This is a KIBOOK project.