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King Lear

Print materials for a modern spin on Shakespeare's famous tragedy.

Client Yellow Earth Theatre
Date November, 2006


Lear hands over control of his global business empire to his daughters. In his Shanghai penthouse, he asks them to justify their inheritance.

The older sisters flatter their father in elegant Chinese but English educated Cordelia, no longer fluent in her father's tongue, says "Nothing"and the loss of face sends Lear into a spiral of fury and madness.

This bold UK premiere of Shakespeare's famous tragedy is given an exciting modern spin with Britain's award winning Yellow Earth Theatre and China's contemporary Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, featuring Chinese movie star Zhou Yemang as Lear.

The print for this production was as bilingual as the show itself, partly in the text but also in the visuals themselves.

The star Zhou Yemang was based in China, so we were reliant on the design team over there to produce a source image that we could use.

Keeping it simple, the photo simply shows a slightly overbearing and "powerful" man portraying the character Lear as a high profile businessman set against a slick backdrop of modern China.

The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre created their own print materials for the initial run of the production in China.


Visual Design

Client Reference :

Kibook was consistently original, creative and professional. Their quality can be seen in the excellent print generated.
- David K.S. Tse, Artistic Director

Links :

+ www.yellowearth.org
+ More on the King Lear production

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